Maha Shiv Ratri wishes to everyone.

Har Har Mahadev (Every one is Mahadev).

This phrase / slogan is used more as a metaphor. Can you be Mahadev of your life. Life is too big a subject to talk, so I will restrict myself to business of investing! 

In the great churning (buy and sale) of ocean (markets ), search for amrit (returns) was carried out both by sur and asur (buyers and sellers). 

Bhagwan Vishnu (SEBI/ Govt) provided base in form of 🐢 to Mother Earth.

Mountain( Stock exchanges) was used as shaft for churning the ocean both by sur and asur. Both wanted Amrit / Mohini / Chintamani / Kalpatru/ Kamdhenu. 

But before all these things, came halahal/ vish ( Volatility). 

Everyone wants Amrit ( returns)but without halahal (volatility). 

Only Mahadeva has a capacity to hold the halahal in his throat. 

You can become Mahadev of investing when you can hold the halahal (holding the portfolio when it’s showing negative returns) without gulping it (not selling it). 

If you have capacity to hold halahal ( volatility), you will get Amtrit ( returns) and can become Mahadev.
Har Har Mahadev!
Happy Mahashivratri

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