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Markets positioned to make new high. Best time to go Long.

Yesterday, after testing 12285-12290 zone, nifty faced selling pressure and dipped to 12211 zone today. Major trend remain in upward. Hence, good time to enter long positions to participate in next leg of rally above 12300. Overall breadth positive. Bullish divergence visible in short t.f. charts. Buy on Dips markets. Regards, Suryadev Bandari Research Analyst  

Upward momentum RESUMED.

As expected yesterday, minor correction end and market resumed its upward journey today.  Upside positional targets remain intzct 12300-12360. Support 12120-12100. Buy on Dips mode. Regards,  Suryadev Bandari, Research Analyst

Previous Highz broken out, Heading for new Highz

As expected, Bulls successfully breakout previous highz and recorded new Highz. This upmove to continue further towards 12300-12350 zone initially. Key support exists at 12160 spot. Previous High acts as strong support now. Avoid short selling at highs. Bulls in Action now. Many stocks bouncing from support levels. Banknifty likely to push nifty upward. Buy on Dips market. Resistance 12300-12350. Supports at 12160-12140. Regards, Suryadev Bandari Research Analyst

Get ready for New Highz.

Nifty previous high 12157. Banknifty Previous High 32157. Next week all set to break these highs and move higher. Buy on Dips market. Short covering and Fresh long positions to take market higher. BULLS FULLY CHARGED UP. regards, SURYADEV BANDARI RESEARCH ANALYST.

Bulls back into ACTION.

Bulls regained strength near 40Day Moving Average Yesterday and sudden spurt visible in last 40mins . Now today nifty breaking 11991 resistance in opening hour.  Bulls now have enough strength to breakout 11990 resistance and close above 12000 levels. Short covering rally likely to come in last hour of today trade.  As today is weekly options expiry, we may see sharp moves in last hour. Buy on Dips mode. Avoid short selling. Its time to cover short positions, means to exit short sell positions. Regards, Suryadev Bandari Research Analyst

Bulls absorbed yesterday's selling pressure and held Ground. Trend Up.

Yesterday, Due to RBI policy markets witnessed sharp selling pressure at higher levels but Bulls able to sustain crucial supports. Today Markets moving up with minor gap up. Trend Remains Up. Buy on Dip mode. As long as Nifty holds 12000-11950 zone, Its trend up and moves towards 12100-12150+ levels. Short Term Technical Indicator in Buy mode and bouncing from Oversold zones. Most probably this upmove likely to continue further. Upward targets 12100-12150+ Supports 12000-11950-11900. Regards, Suryadev Bandari Research Analyst

Bulls regained strength and moving higher.

As expected, Bulls succeeded in defending crucial support zone 12000-11970 zone and bounced back from day low levels. Now Nifty trading in Bulls zone, short covering rally can emerge any time from now. Bulls can take nifty higher towards 12100-12150+ levels. Avoid fresh short sellling. Go long for higher targets. 11970-11900 acts as strong supports. Regards Suryadev Bandari Research Analyst