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Running Flat pattern in Nifty. Next Impulsive Up move to begin with target of 14800+++

 Nifty in process of finishing  Running Flat pattern or already finished on Friday itself. Running flat support at 14300-14270 zone.  On completion, Impulsive Wave in Upside begins with a bang which can lift nifty towards 14800+ levels in coming sessions, Majority of Stocks mostly in process of corrective patterns.  on looking at various technical indicators and price patterns, a-b-c running flat pattern is most valid wave count and any time soon market rebound to higher levels. Majority of high beta stocks, index stocks are at the ending levels of corrective pattern. Hence, we can see decent and sharp rally to new highs in coming sessions. Be stock specific. Banknifty too in corrective pattern and can witness major buying interest in coming sessions. Regards, Suryadev Bandari Research Analyst
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Buy on Dips Market. 14700-14750 next directional targets for nifty.

 Nifty cmp 14514. As mentioned earlier, every dip is a buying opportunity as major trend is upward. Nifty completed minor correction from 14652-14436 in the form of a-b-c zigzag.  From that low point , impulsive upmove has begun, which can move up towards 14700-14750. For the short term point of view, Metals and Banks likely to lead nifty upward. Be stock specific. Regards, Suryadev Bandari Research Analyst

Major trend still upside. 14300-14400 possible positionally.

 Nifty major trend still upwards. Every dip is being bought into. As I mentioned before, every 100-150 point fall can be utilize to create fresh long positions for short term trading purpose. Nifty resistance trendline at 14300-14400 for short term. Nifty can achieve this target positionally. Stock specific moves likely to continue. Be stock specific in entering long positions. Avoid short selling for awhile. Go with the main trend. Banking sector looks bullish and pharma to join soon. Regards, Suryadev Bandari Research Analyst

Nifty achieved my forecast targets both 13900-14000. Farewell to 2020.

 Nifty achieved my projected targets 13900 and 14000 level.  Enjoy profits. 2020 witnessed huge volatility in markets and finally closing at year high levels. Expecting 2021 would also starts with good new high levels in market. Be stock specific.  Happy trading. Farewell to 2020. Regards, Suryadev Bandari Research Analyst

13100 support intact. Nifty Heading towards 13900-14000.

 Nifty cooled off bit from over bought zone and took support near 13130 and bounced back. Nifty successfully breakout 13500 level and now heading towards 14000+ levels positionally. Recent dip was a good buying opportunity for traders to enter new long positions. Fall was corrective nature and impulsive bounce is due. many of stocks witnessed minor correction and upmove is due and its started. Pharma and banking stocks looks good for short term long trades. Support 13130-13000. Upside targets 13900-14000. Regards, Suryadev Bandari Research Analyst

Bulls are resilient at higher levels. 13800 likely next move.

 Nifty, as forecasted before, sustained 13400 support and move past 13600 level. Every dip being bought into. Majority of stocks still showing some kind of up move left. Bulls are very resilient at higher levels. In this kind of scenario, trader should follow trend with proper stop-loss orders. Going against trend is fatal to capital. Unless we get strong confirmation of trend reversal, one should avoid short selling ideas. Keep booking profits wherever possible at least partial.  For the short term point of view, some bounce can be expected in Banking, metals, pharma and IT sectors in coming sessions. Be stock specific trading.  Crucial supports at 13535-13500. as long as nifty trade above this level, it can bounce back to 13800+. Regards, Suryadev Bandari Research  Analyst