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Bulls protected 9030-9000 support. Won the battle over Bears.

Bears failed to bring nifty down below 9000 support. Bulls successfully defended support and heading towards 9175 resistance zone.Support remains same  Regards, Suryadev Bandari Research Analyst

Bulls defending critical supports. What's next???

From past few days Bulls trying hard to defend critical support zone 9030-9000.Friday in first half , they lost this zone but they reclaimed it in 2nd half of the day and closed above it. Bulls get strength above 9175-9200 zone.  Incase bulls succeed in surpass 9200 level, we can expect minor pull back rally to squeez shorts.
Today Bears again strike to break down 9030-9000 support.  We need to watch who will win the battle.  Whoever wins trade in that direction. Regards, Suryadev Bandari Research Analyst

crucial supports 9030-9000 broken down.

Bulls lost crucial supports 9030-9000.Now we left alternate wave count which states major down trend has begun.  Avoid building long positions. Regards, Suryadev Bandari Resesrch Analyst

Bulls back into action.

Bulls staged back and protected crucial support zone 9030-9000 and succeeded to close above 9130.Today also bulls can take nifty higher above 9175-9230 zone. As long as nifty holds 9030-9000 support zone, it can move up to 9250-9400+ levels positionally. Short term traders can initiate fresh long position for 9250-9400 targets. Keep strict stoploss below 9030-9000 zone. Regards, Suryadev Bandari Research Analyst

Bulls protected 9030 support. Upward journey possible towards 9600-9700.

Bulls protected crucial support level. As long as this support holds, upward journey possible towards 9600-9700 positionally.Avoid fresh short selling. TWEEZERS BOTTOM formed in daily charts. Bullush for short term. Short covering rally possible above 9175. Regards,  Suryadev Bsndari Research Analyst