Minor pull back rally to 9400-9450 possible before fall.

Nifty trend reversed from 9890-9117 zone. From there, minor counter wave bounce has begun and in final push to 9350-9400 possible from current levels.
Flat pattern in progress.
Upper resistance at 9350-9400-9450.
On lower side, supports exist at 9100-9050.
Traders kindly note that this bounce would be counter trend in nature, hence its sustainability is susceptible and short life.
Therefore, short term traders can utilize this bounce for purely trading purpose only.
Keep strict stoploss below 9050 spot, if in any case, nifty breaks this critical support, no matter what, just exit long positions immediately.
Hence, short term traders can initiate long position here at 9230 spot level for target of 9350-9400 zone. and book profits in resistance zone mentioned above.
Selective Pharma and Metals can participate in this bounce. choose wisely.
Suryadev Bandari
Research Analyst

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