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Avoid Emotional trading. Avoid revenge Trading.

Nifty fell from 12440 to 9600 level.
Yesterday it broken long term support trendline and closed below it.
Intensity of selloff indicating that, this pain likely to continue further.
Range for the day rose up to 700-800 points in nifty 2000-2500 points in sensex.
Very wild moves, average trader hard to trade.
Below 9700, nifyy next crucial retracement levels are 8700 and below that 7500 level.
Sgx nifty already trading near 8800 Level.

Secure capital first, without it trader can not do anything. 
Normally , average trader takes blind trades in this kind of market. Avoid it. Stay away from market and wait for good opportunity, otherwise, capital loss in the form of stoplosses.
Avoid revenge trading. Its hard to stop falling market single handedly. Wait till negative sentiment to erode and wait some time for  normalcy  in markets.
In 2009 bull phase begun around 2550 level and top made around 12440.
38% retracement level already broken.
50% retracement at 7500.
We shall see whether this panic selling stops at 7500 or not.
Best thing to do in this scenario is, PROTECT REMAINING CAPITAL.

Suryadev Bandari
Research Analyst.

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Up move to continue. New Highs to form again.

Nifty recorded new high on Friday 12311.20
After recording new high, nifty faced minor selling pressure and dipped down to 12217 level.
There again Bulls entered fresh longs and index closed nearly 12256 level.
Today, Nifty again likely to record new highs and this up move to continue more towards 12360-12375 levels.
Major High beta stocks ready to move higher levels.
Banknifty did not made new high on Friday, so most probably , banknifty to test previous highs today and may record new high.
Avoid short selling. This is buy on dips market.
Nifty Resistance 12360-12375-12400.
Support 12210-12170.
Suryadev Bandari
Research Analyst

Nifty@ New High. More to come.

As expected in last update, Nifty took support around 11900 and rebounded yesterday above 12000 level.
Bulls succeeded to close nifty above 12050 resistance zone.
Today it marked new all time high.
This upmove to continue further with short covering rally and fresh long positions.
12250-12300 next upward levels to watch for.
suryadev bandari
research Analyst

Down trend to resume again. Do not fall in Bull Trap.

Nifty achieved our previous downside target zone 7700-7500.
From there it bounced back to 8700+ today.
As per the updated data, this bounce is in corrective pattern only.
Its a Bull trap. Bulls should avoid falling in this trap. This bounce is short term only.
Down trend to resume again and it can break 7500 levels too.

Stay Cautious.

Investors need to wait for some time.
If possible, short sellers can initiate fresh shorts in Index with stoploss above 9100 lvels.
This is for High risk traders only. Nifty daily range become huge so both risk and rewards also huge.
Trade Accordingly.

Today is March Series FnO expiry, so we can see huge volatility in Market.
Market taking short breath only. Bears strikes again.

Avoid fresh long positions.
Its a sell on rally market, But due to restrictions on short selling, not everybody can short sell in this market. Conditions apply.

Resistance 9000-9100.
Downside levels 7700-7500.

Suryadev Bandari
Research Analyst